Production-Product Demo

I will be accepting production work on a very limited basis.
Please contact me to discuss your needs.
Rates are $50 per hour.
I book in 3 and 6 hour sessions.


$500 plus one free (or seriously discounted)  product you wish me to create a demo and video for. I will only promote products I believe in so I will need time with your product to decide if we are a fit.


Recent Projects

Here's a partial list......Aliza Hava, Donald Polk, Symptom 7, Javier Luis, Triphon, Nicky Addeo, Joe Hand, Dusty Rose, AJ Jansen, Steve Dunn, Frank Montana, Mark Bacino, David Patrick Bryan, X Men movie, Jennifer Vazquez , Russell Como, Arthur Goodman, Billy Kennedy, When in Motion, Werner Sommer,Sarina Paris, Dominic Chianese(Uncle Junior), Jeremy Hopkins, 2008 Olympics, Tristin Clow, Edell Love, Fausto Leali (2 Million sold), Shattersphere, One Shot Deal, Jon Graboff, Q South, Michael Shelly, Walker Hornung and The Brotherhood of the Grape, Yamira Santieli, Lordsberg, Ed Klinger, The Clusters, Eggcream Revival, Robbie Sambat, Suzanne Shu, Susan Bailey, Reanimator, Buddah Train, Valeria, Soundtrac, South of Sunrise, Victor Varricchio, Milo, Lou Barbera, Cookie Anderson, Lenin Cruz, Chris Deleo, Sandy Mann, Vince Tempera, Tyler Thompson, Like Sonia, Veronica Voss, Wendy Ip, Frank Shu, Jerry Delmonico, Natalia, Kitty Kitty Bang Bang, Ed Vallee (From Steve Smith and the Nakeds), Gena Ross, Gianni Monti, Gregory Norbet, Billy Zane, Janet Hudursky, Josh Russell, Nick Addeo, Nunzio Misserri, Ron Blake, The Sue Menhart Band, Tony Dibetta, Vito Scaglione, Intruders Foundation, and of course my bro Michael name a few!