Favorite Sites

Bandzoogle: band websites that work 

Click on the above link if you are like me and know nothing about building websites....I built the website you are visiting right now in less than 2 hours with Bandzoogle!!! Mention code m5b429.... I swear I want to have sex with them!!
www.facebook.com/justin.nation  Jus "JusBus" Nation The finest producer in the Caribbean....possibly the world. Checkout Tuesday on the Rocks on my video page. Amazing talent. Bless.

www.upscalemusic.com OK....when I need excellent service on my gear or THE FINEST CABLES, I go see Mario and Carlo at Upscale Music in Newington, CT. These guys know what they are doing, and you will be surprised at how affordable REAL PROFESSIONAL service can be. PLEASE check these guys out before you look anywhere else. Home studio design, handmade cables, custom pedalboards, authorized service. AND I AM NOT BEING PAID TO SAY THIS. Just want others to know what fine people run this totally pro gem.

www.drummentor.com John O.Reilly Drummer to the stars! Currently with the Trans Siberian Orchestra. Drum Mentor. Musician. Mentor. Contact him if you are serious about your career. 

www.georgemarinelli.com George Marinelli. Guitarist for Bonnie Raitt, Bruce Hornsby and the Range, etc. Man this guy can write a song! And his guitar chops are always tastefull and emotional. A gifted Musician!

www.GuitarWorld.com Hey! I blog for them about session guitar playing!

www.introversechorus.com Hey I blog for them too about songwriting!

www.myspace.com/ronblakeguitars   Ron Blake. Master luthier and guitar technician. He keeps my guitars happy and that keeps me happy! 

www.popjob.com   Mark Bacino...some of the finest pop songs ever crafted...and I hate him for it...one day I will write a better pop song ...I swear I will!!!

www.brotherhoodofthegrape.com  Walker Hornung....From NY to Trinidad....one of the most dynamic singer songwriter's to travel the globe....I play with the Brotherhood from time to time!

www.zabrockimusic.com  Mike Zabrocki...my bro and Catholic Music Icon...stop by for some of The Sacrament!

Lori Zabrocki   Lori Zabrocki...The greatest wife in the world, and a talented Photographer and Graphic Designer.  Lori makes me look good! And she takes pretty good pictures...for a girl!

www.tanyamemme.com Tanya Memme...Host of Sell This House. Model. TV Spokesperson. Health Guru. Singer. Actress.Canadian. (Miss World Canada!) Hardest working woman in Show Business!  I just call her my friend. Stop by her sight, look around, and BUY A CD! WHAT AN INCREDIBLE VOCALIST!

www.timconklin.com   Tim Conklin. Audio Engineer. Mastering Engineer. Pro Tools Expert. The OVERLORD.

www.godfreytownsendmusic.com  Godfrey Townsend...huge influence on me....great guitarist who has played with some of the best...John Entwistle, Alan Parsons and too many more.....

www.salemhex.com  Christian Day....A Salem Witch, Psychic, Magick Man and Friend. Also the proprietor of Hex, the finest shoppe for Olde World Witchery in Salem Mass. You can also visit Christian at www.festivalofthedead.com

www.symptom7.com  Geoff Unger! Shred at it's finest! Whewn I hear Geoff, I know I have to practice harder. 

www.guitarplayertv.com    An endless resource for inspiration and information.

www.Vai.com   Steve Vai. My favorite guitarist. Period. 

www.greghowe.com  Greg Howe. Or as I like to call him...Greg, How am I ever gonna play that good, Howe. My second favorite guitarist. 

www.persicorecordingstudio.com Frank Persico, AKA Frankie Wiz! Killer studio in my old home town of Ozone Park, NY

www.jennifervazquez.com GREAT singer , songwriter....buy her Xmas CD!

http://faasny.com/ YOU HAVE GOT TO TAP WITH YOUR FEET! ANKLES HELP TOO! If you ever have any problems with yours, here's the guy to see:
I trust him with mine. You should too. HE'S ALSO A GUITARIST!!! So right there, he speaks your language!